Instead of diet and exercise, we believe in nutrition and movement. Our ground breaking approach with PRYMAL University is to equip you with the tools to secure a healthier, happier, future for you and those around you.

Instead of feeling like life is a battleground in which you might fight and slug through every single day, let it become a playground where you are free and clear.

"PRYMAL changed my life."

"I had every excuse: I’m too busy at work, I need to spend time with my family, I’ll start Monday.. the list goes on. But I made the commitment and today I'm the best shape of my life."

More Health

Tired of running the proverbial treadmill of gimmicky work out routines and fad diets? Not seeing the results you want? Learn the proper tools to improve your body, energy, sleep and mental function once and for all.

More Freedom

We offer simple solutions to feel, look, and perform, your absolute best. Imagine what you can achieve when waking up refreshed, having clarity throughout your day, and operating at your potential.

More Life

We all want to live at our best and we believe that starts with the body. Once you have the confidence, vitality, and vigor to take on the day, you will be unstoppable in all your pursuits.

Hi, I’m Ryan. Head Coach and Founder of PRYMAL.

For the past decade I've been a personal trainer and coach.

Now I'm bringing you the PRYMAL way so you ca learn same methods I used in training 1,000s of client to achieve incredible results both in the body and mind.

I guarantee you will be unrecognizable and become the best version of yourself using the principals and guidelines found in PRYMAL. This will not only transform your body but more importantly, your life forever.

Taso C, 37, Rhode Island

Mollie G, 34, Missouri

Brandon F, 27, Missouri